Dave Soldier


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Works for solo organ performed by Walter Hilse

The Crayfish
Olivia Porphyria (fractal on the name of Haydn)
A Year for a Pomegranate (after Ramon Montoya)
Hocket II

Thai Elephant Orchestra
Water Music

Gentle Monsoon 
Monsoon Tempest

The Complete Victrola Sessions

featuring violinist Rebecca Cherry and "The Violinist", a DVD film by Winsome Brown

Alegria en la cueva vieja
Brian's Lament (aka Surf's Up)
A Boy Has Never Wept Nor Dashed A Thousand Kim

The Unfolding Opium Poppy
Li Yuen
Togetherness Blues
Mata Hari, Balerina de Java
Duo for Violin & Meade Lux Lewis

The Kropotkins
Paradise Square

My Body Lies on the Mountain
Beulah Land (Charlie Burnham)
They Are There (Charles Ives)

Lorette Velvette, Charlie Burnham, Dog, Jonathan Kane, Samm Bennett, Al X. Greene, Doug Easley, BJ Cole

Yol K'u (Inside the Sun)
Mayan Mountain Music

CD & DVD set

Dave Soldier & Alan Kushan coaching compositions by Mayan schoolchildren in San Mateo Ixtatan, Guatemala

Oracion de la Cruz
El Bello Quetzal
Casamiento de los Apaches
Xan Matin Mix
Noble Cazador
Fiesta de los Mayas

watch a video of the kids performing

Da Hiphop Raskalz

Music composed by 5-10 year old children in East Harlem or Watertown Massacusetts, coached by Dave Soldier

T Rex Chelea & The Mighty Lions
I Want Candy  Muffletoes
Ghosty  Isabella  (my niece!)   
Do the Lollipop  Sweetness 
1,2,3,Go 911 Rock N Roll Coyotes    
What's My Name?  Boys & Girls Club Of The Night
Chickenwing  Looneytunes     
I Don't Want You No More  Tuff Kids 
Feel Tha Beat The School Rock Band 
Schooldogs Rule The Halls         Muffletoes
Xtreme Team Funkydelic Mix        Woke Up Los Nonameos
Jumpin'  Abc Group        
Happy Go Lucky Day Michelle (another niece!)
Barney Mac Hiphop Skyhigh
Listen to the Children on the Radio Franchize Children


Chamber Music (2 CD set)

East St. Louis 1968 fpr viola

Duo Sonata for violin & cello

Little Andre for bass flute

To Spike Jones in Heaven for accordion

Utah Dances for saxophone

Sontag in Sarajevo
1. Fluor, Phosphor, Lumen & Candle
2. Dance for the Tetragrammaton

Clever Hans
ballet for violin, cello, harpsichord

Hockets & Inventions for organ

The Unfolding Opium Poppy
for violin & piano

Richard Auldon Clark, viola
Dave Soldier, electronics, harmonica

Laura Seaton, violin
Erik Friedlander, cello

William Schimmel, accordion
Rebecca Cherry, violin, Michael Mizrahi, piano
Robert Dick, bass flute
Regina Carter, violin
Anne De Maranis, accordion
Dawn Avery, cello
Dave Soldier, el .guitar
Michael Swartz, alto saxophone
Walter Hilse, organ

Thai Elephant Orchestra
Elephonic Rhapsodies

A Child's Guide to the Elephant Orchestra
Phong's Solo
improvisation by a 5 year-old elephant
The Ganesha Symphony Symphony #1 in four movements
1 The Birth of Ganesha
2 Shiva Beheads Ganesha
3 A Head is Found
4 Ganesha Trimuphant
Rhapsody in Grey
An Elephant's Swan Song
Three Baht Opera
Little Elephant Saddle (Trad.) Elephants with Dave on violin
Floating Down the Pin River (Trad.) Elephants with a local mahout hillbilly band
Pin Pia (Smithitham) Elephants with a traditional Thai instrument
Bamboolin (Muangling) Elephants with a bamboo violin
An Adult's Guide to the Elephant Orchestra
Kaw-Liga (Williams/Rose) Yes, they play Hank Williams with Thai hillbilly players
Pastorale Lite (Beethoven, Arr. Soldier) Elephant orchestra with marching band
Homage to Harry Partch
Mr. Elephant (Trad., Arr. Soldier) with Japanese saxophonist
Chang! Chang! Chang! (Trad., Arr. Soldier) Thai nursery rhyme, kids and elephants
Beethoven’sPastorale Symphony, First movement (Beethoven, Arr. Soldier) Marching band and elephant orchestra

Thai Elephant Orchestra

Thung Kwian Sunrise
Temple Music
Duo for Renats
Big Band
Swing Swing Swing
Percussion Trio
Luuk Kob's Diddley Bow Feature
Harmonica Music
Heavy Logs
Now We're off to Paint
Elephant Field Recordings
Somneuk & Four Elephants
Trio for Theremin & Electric Keyboard
Ken's Wind Instrument

Ice-9 Ballads
with Kurt Vonnegut

Annihilation Life
Dyot Meet Mat
Nice Very Nice
119th Calypso
Duo For Clarinet and Meade Lux Lewis
14th Calypso
Mona's Funeral Music
Big Tyrant

lyrics and narration by Kurt Vonnegut


the Kropotkins
Five Points Crawl

Truckstop Girls 
Seconds Past Midnight   (with Lorette)
Sissy Wa Wa    (with Lorette)
Crazy Hannah  (Mo Tucker)  
Junior's Groove  (Lorette Velvette)
I Gotta Man (Charlie Burnham)
Starkweather  (lyrics Jim Tucker)
Forever Motel (lyrics Jim Tucker)
Drivin' To Spring       
Justice Down South

Lorette Velvette, Charlie Burnham, Dave Soldier, Dog, Jonathan Kane, Mo Tucker


Tangerine Awkestra
Aliens Took My Mom

Music composed by 2-9 year old children in Fort Greene Brooklyn, coached by Dave Soldier & Katie Down

Aliens invade from Jupiter
Spaceships on the Empire State Building
Volcanoes explode at the center of the earth
The aliens blow up Antartica
Minuet for recorder & violin
Aliens took my Mom
The navy bombs them
Twelve bar blues
All of the humans blow up
The aliens get nuclear bugs in them and pop
The aliens blow up Part II
Everything is soft

with Komar and Melamid
The People's Choice Music

The most wanted song
The most unwanted song

composed according to poll results


Robert Dick & Soldier String Quartet
Jazz Standards on Mars

arrangements by Soldier

India (J Coltrane)
Gazzeloni (E Dolphy)
Water Babies (W Shorter)
Machine Gun (J Hendrix)
Something sweet, something tender (E Dolphy)
Sometimes, perpetually (R Dick)
Three wishes (O Coleman)

Robert Dick, flute
Regina Carter, Dave Soldier, violins, Judith Insell viola, Dawn Avery, cello
Richard Bona, Mark Dresser, Kermit Driscoll, bass
Valerie Naranjo Percussion
Ben Perowsky, Steve Arguelles, Drums

The Kropotkins

Cold Wet Steel (Soldier)
Shake 'Em on Down Fred (McDowell)
Everdream (Soldier/Rory Young)
On This Earth (Soldier)
Parchman Farm (Bukka White)
Something Crawling Round My Bed (Velevette)
Good Cheap Transportation (Bennett)
Coal Black Wind (Soldier)
Some of the Dust (Bennett)
The Nasadiya (Soldier)
Crow Jane (Soldier, based on anonymous song)

Lorette Velvette, Mark Feldman, Dave Soldier, Dog, Jonathan Kane, Samm Bennett

Soldier String Quartet
She's Lightning When She Smiles
arrangements by Soldier of blues 1926-56

Another Man Done Gone (Vera Hall)
Future Blues (Willie Brown)
Clouds in My Heart (Muddy Waters)
Black Snake Moan (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
Prelude (George Gershwin)
Moanin' at Midnight (Howlin' Wolf)
Uncloudy Day (Staples Singers)
Moon and Stars (Louise Johnson)
Sugar Momma (John Lee Hooker)
Somebody Help Poor Me (Robert Pete Williams)
Cypress Grove (Skip James)

vocals: Tiye' Giraud, Jason White, Bobby Radcliffe, Napua Davoy
strings: Laura Seaton, Dave Soldier (violin), Ron Lawrence, Mary Wooten
Lenny Pickett, sax & clarinet
Myra Melford, piano
Brad Jones, bass
Leroy Clouden, drums

War Prayer

Ultraviolet Railroad

1. Betonia where I fell into a trance
2. Rapture
3. I'm going upstairs, I'm going to take off all my clothes

Mark Feldman, violin
Erik Friedlander, cello
with the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra


Dum Caupona Verterem
Ad Puerum Anglicum
Odalisque in the Seraglio
Miser, Miser
Graffiti from a 9th century manuscript
Parisius Paridi
Letter to Ausonius

Tiye Giraud, Napua Davoy, Wilbur Pauley, Ben Neill, Bob Bannister, Richard Auldon Clark, Jim Pugliese, Ron Bethea

with 30 school children from Washinton Heights, New York City

Sojourner Truth
Soldier String Quartet

Paris 1919 (John Cale, arr. Soldier)
Lonesome Train
Sojourner Truth
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
String Quartet #1, The Impossible
    1. Open Hydrant
    2. Walking on the 3rd Rail
    3. Ron Visits the Polymer Lounge
    4. For His Bad Self
    5. She Put My Head Under the Water

Laura Seaton, Dave Soldier, Ron Lawrence, Michael Suchorsky (drums), Amina Claudine Myers and Shelley Hirsch, vocals

Soldier String Quartet
Sequence Girls

Sequence Girls
Five Little Monsters
Rondo Amos Tutuola
If I had it to give (I'd give it to him)
20-20 Blues (Skip James)
Moon Goin' Down (Charlie Patton)
Country Blues #2 (Muddy Waters)

Laura Seaton, Dave Soldier, violins; Ron Lawrence, viola; Mary Wooten, cello; Ratso Harris, bass; Michael Suchorsky, drums

Soldier Stories

with Kurt Vonnegut


The Soldier's Story
30 min radio opera
Phil Schaap as the radio MC

lyrics and narration by Kurt Vonnegut

The Apotheosis of John Brown
a 30 min oratorio with text adapted from Frederick Douglass

Romances From the Second Line

Easy Street
Letter to Skip James
Die Heiterkeiten
Le Belvedere
Tillie's Punctured Romance
Christopher O'Riley, piano

Hockets & Inventions
Walter Hilse, organ


Inspect for Damaged Gods
Soldier String Quartet

Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley, arranged Soldier,
(Bo heard/approved this arrangement!)

Preachin' Blues
Robert Johnson, arranged Soldier
Robert Pete Williams, arranged Dave Soldier
In Time
Sly Stone, arranged Dave Soldier
Michael Callen
Here Comes the King
Raymond Scott, arranged Soldier
Boogie on party people
Marsh Fugue
unlisted outdoors cut on the CD

Regina Carter, Dave Soldier, violins, Judith Insell viola, Dawn Avery, cello, Tiye' Giraud & Jimmy Justice, vocals, Tiye, small percussion, Jonathan Kane & Richard Bona, drums & bass


Miscellany or not on CDs

for schoolchildren in Washington Heights and electronics

Marsh Fugue
for outdoor swamp sounds

songs perfromed by zebra finches on tiny synthesizers

song written by Da Hiphop Raksalz for their concert at Great Performers at Lincoln Center
We're famous (just like Mary J Blige)

Brainwave music (played by EEGs through a computer, with Brad Garton)
Trio for Brainwaves and Percussion
Alpha Wave Mix
Reading Stephen Colbert

TV show (hour long) from WHYY in Philly (March 2009) featuring a version of Trio for Brainwaves and Percussion, a solo by Dave, and discussion
played by Chuckie Joseph, Rich Robinson, and Adwoa

Humans play elephant music! The Composer's Concordance Orchestra plays Thung Kwian Sunrise, improvised by the Thai Elephant Orchestra. Wade Ripka transcribed, and I orchestrated.

Thung Kwian Sunrise (for human orchestra)

Variations on a Waltz by Chopin
from the Minute Waltz (Op 64, number 1, 1847/revised 2010)

Variation 1. All scale pitches are played except those that Chopin wrote
Variation 2. All pitch information is removed
Variation 3. The Minute Waltz in 6 seconds: tempo compressed
Variation 4. Fourier Transform: rhythmic information removed (volumes represent the power in each frequency in bins of a measure)
Variation 5. The Minute Waltz in one hour: with tempo and timbre expanded

version from June 19-20 2010

or listen in the background here

Letter to Ausonius
performed by Sequitur

Truckstop Girls
performed by the Kropotkins live on WFMU radio

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