Dave Soldier

Film & Video

Featuring the music from The Complete Victrola Sessions, Winsome Brown's film The Violinist, starring Rebecca Cherry who plays the lead and also the soundtrack. I play her violin professor, Leopold Auer.

With the music fromYol K'u: Inside the Sun, Xapin y Axul (2008), a Chuj language version of Romeo and Juliet made by the Mayan schoolchildren who recorded the album, with filmmaker Charles Krezell, filmed in San Mateo Ixtatan in the mountains of northern Guatemala.

Still in San Mateo Ixtatan, Guatemala, videos showing how we recorded the students on Yol K'u Mayan Moutain Music (2008). I'm accompanied by the Iranian santur master, Allan Kuahan, and Rory Young, our intrepidrecording engineer.

An animation of the opera, The Eighth Hour of Amduat, using the illustrations frpm the 3500 year-old book. The libretto is translated from heiroglyphs to modern Italian by Prof. Rita Lucarelli from UC Berkely, and the part of the god Sun Ra is played by Marshall Allen, leader of the Sun Ra Arkestra.

the Brainwave Music Project (Dave and Brad Garton) with Rob Schwimmer

Interview of Dave about Mulatta Records by Australian TV (2004) with the Thai Elephant Orchestra, Tangerine Awkestra, Most Unwanted Music


The Thai Elephant Orchestra, a superlative film by Paul Spurrier (2007).

Profile of Dave Soldier on Italian TV (RAI) by Sandro Petrone (2008)

The Unfolding Opium Poppy

Sing of Nature from Naked Revolution

Soldier String Quartet on YouTube

The People's Choice Music with Komar and Melamid on VH1 TV

For Kropotkins videos go to the Kropotkins web page

With Jonathan Kane at Pioneerworks in Red Hook, Brooklyn

An arrangement of a seguiryas by Pedro Cortes, with Ismael Fernandez singing, Pedro on guitar, Jose Moreno on cajon, and the Composer's Concordance Orchestra conducted by Thomas Bo

1980's arrangement of World of No Return from Her Name is Lisa (1987) by Rachid Kerdouche starring Bill Rice and Rockets Redglare. Pam Brandt on bass, Wayne Horvitz on piano, Jeff Ausfahl on guitar, Richard Dworkin on drums, lead singer was Michael Callen, Robin Casey and me on violins, back up singers, Tamara Lyndsay and Barbara Gogan.