Dave Soldier

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Nova, PBS (2011)

Australian TV (2004)
Interview on Mulatta Records, Thai Elephant Orchestra and the Tangerine Awkestra

BBC interview on the Thai Elephant Orchestra

Interview on EEG music at Brooklyn Academy of Music (2008)

Swedish TV clips of Thai Elephant Orchestra

Profile on Italian TV (RAI, 2008) by Sandro Petrone.

more TV clips, including MTV and ABC, are on this page


All Things Considered on Da Hiphop Raskalz

NPR radio Music and Nature on the Thai Elephant Orchestra

Interview on PRX radio with Dave and flamenco musician / producer Pedro Cortes on the ablum Zajal

Timeless Music (September 2011) for Vicki Bennet at WFMU radio, 40 minute mp3, explains the mathematical and physical dimensions of music, illustrations of how to make deliberate musical fractals, Fourier transforms and even a straightfoward explanation of white noise. Not hard, and with minimal jargon.

This American Life with Komar & Melamid, National Public Radio

Interview on the Thai Elephant Orchestra's album Water Music on Soundcheck WNYC with John Schaefer, with Adam Gopnik and Dan Levitin (2011)

Radio interview with Komar & Melamid with Dave Soldier on the People's Choice: Music on This American Life by Ira Glass. The music starts around 14 minutes.

BBC radio interview on the Thai Elephant Orchestra

German radio on Yol K'u, Mayan Mountain Music (2008)

Jazz on the Tube (2021)

Italian radio (RAI) with Nicola Catalano (2009)

WFMU interview with Dorian Devins (2009) on Kurt Vonnegut collaborations (Speakeasy show)

WFMU: Dave and Brad Garton have the dj's Ken Freedman and Andy perform brainwave music

Video interviews

Harvard Bookstore on Music Math & Mind


Columbia News on Music Math & Mind

Rorotoko inteview

Article for New Music Box by WFMU radio's Kenny Goldsmith (2000) or with links

A cool article in Naked Eye by Chris Pare on a new musical movement inspired by Da Hiphop Raskalz (2008)

A profile by Alan Kozinn in the New York Times (.pdf file) (1999)

Profile in Praxis Post by David Berreby (2001)

TMRW magazine interview

BBC article on elephants

The Scientist
review of EEG brainwave music
review of Thai Elephant Orchestra etc.

Reuters interview on Thai Elephant Orchestra, 2007

Wired Magazine on People's Choice Music

Mother Jones on the Thai Elephant Orchestra, 2011


Metafilter discussion on whether or not the Tangerine Awkestra rocks!
Metafilter on the Thai Elephant Orchestra
Montreal Mirror and WFMU on Da Hiphop Raskalz
Boingboing on The People's Choice Music
Ubuweb on People's Choice and Soldier's Story


New York Times
Chamber Music CD named one of the best classical releases of 2007
review of Chamber Music CD
review of A Soldier's Story at Merkin Hall
review of Soldier String Quartet at Lincoln Center
review of Soldier String Quartet at Lincoln Center Out of Doors
review of Soldier String Quartet at Roulette
review of Soldier String Quartet and Elliott Sharp at CBGBs
review of John Cale with Soldier String Quartet at Bottom Line
article on Thai Elephant Orchestra

assorted Thai Elephant Orchestra

Read an article about the orchestra from the NY Times Reuters interview on Thai Elephant Orchestra
Read an article in Time Magazine by Jennifer Gampell
Read an article from the Economist
Read an article in National Geographic (on Thai elephants, features the orchestra)
Watch a video shot by SBS in Australia with lots of playing
Watch video from ABC news
Hear a BBC radio interview
Hear a long Canadian Radio interview
See a Swedish TV story with nice film clips of the performances
A review of Elephonic Rhapsodies in Seattle Weekly

assorted Kropotkins

Village Voice from Joe's Pub concert
San Francisco East Bay Express CD review

The People's World! and other interesting news journals

article on the album Zajal
article on the opera Naked Revolution
article on Zajal
TimeOut New York review of Soldier's Story
Jazz Times on Robert Dick projects